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On Earth as it is in Heaven

Fountainhead Chapel is a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) – a worldwide network of churches.

We are an All-inclusive, Bible believing, and Family-oriented church in Pickering, Ontario, Canada.

Whether you are visiting, studying, looking for a home church, working or living within and around Pickering, we look forward to welcoming you.

Upon request, we give a free and comfortable ride to anyone, who lives within 5-20 minutes’ drive to & from church.

What We Provide

Welcome to RCCG Fountainhead Chapel – the all nations’ church, where everyone shares the collective core values of belongingness, inclusiveness, diversity, mutual respect and love

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New Mindset

We develop a new mindset in the individuals to break barriers & explore limitless possibilities, and raise role models to serve as change agents to impact & influence the world.

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Empower & Encourage

We empower and encourage a new generation of vibrant, youthful and Holy Ghost filled worshippers, who love God and are called to fulfill destiny according to God’s purpose in their lives.

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Teach & Evangelize

We observe, teach, evangelize and practice God’s Word, making it relevant to our daily living.

our Mission & Vision

Mission statement – To Impact Mindsets, Live by Faith, and Fulfill Destiny

Vision – The place to experience the difference.